Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Update in Pictures...

Morgan's friend, Jessa, came over this morning to play with Morgan. They were being silly with the ski goggles. We were all laughing really hard!
Morgan was being SUPER SILLY!
But she was having FUN!
LOVE the combinations she comes up goggles, bathing suit, backpack and high heels!
Jaron just slept through it all. You can tell when he's REALLY out, he puts his arms above his head. He likes having all this space to stretch out, unlike his time in mommy's tummy!

My mom took this when she was here last week. She caught us all snuggling watching WinnDixie. This was after one of Morgan's major meltdowns. All four of us...and Bentley.
Daddy put sand at the bottom of Morgan's slide. She loves playing in it and JUMPING in it!
Quality Daddy-Daughter time
Eating mulberries!
Our friends Sophie and Maddix came to play with Morgan. It was SO hot out, we decided to have Popsicles.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Been Over a Week...

I know...I'm sorry! We've been a little busy this past week; we're trying to adjust to being a family of FOUR! Here's what we've been up to:

SUNDAY: Father's Day

Craig and Morgan decided to put up our tent to play in and maybe sleep in. They did get a lot of playtime in Sunday afternoon, but by Sunday evening, the tent had to come down. We heard the sirens going off, and we decided that it would be best to take the tent down otherwise it may have been blown away by the storm!

Tuesday -

Jaron is ONE WEEK OLD! In his first week, he gained 1lb 1oz, so he weighs 8lbs 6oz! His pediatrician was impressed! He said that they usually hope that babies will be back to their birth weight by their first appointment. Jaron went above and beyond! He's a good eater!

Wednesday -

Today Craig went back to work. Thankfully, my mom was here to help with the kids and our transistion. Morgan has been having a really hard time with the adjustment which makes it really hard on me too! She just needs a lot of attention. Grandma L. has been able to give her undivided attention. Morgan loves Jaron, but seems to take out all of her frustration on me. She'll randomly come up to me crying and tell me that she wants me to go away and that she doesn't like me. It's hard to take, but I have to remember that this will pass and she'll be back to herself soon! She has also decided, after two weeks accident free, to go back to diapers. We put big girl panties on her and she just wets right away. I think she likes the attention of a diaper. I know we'll get there again, she knows how, she's just adjusting.

Thursday -

We went to the Grant County Fair! It was a lot of fun and a much needed time out and away from the house! Morgan LOVES her daddy. She has been having a lot of quality time with him.

Friday -

Aunt Ryanne, Uncle Nathan and Nana came to visit for the weekend. We had a great time visiting with them. Mom and Grandma left on Saturday afternoon. I was a bit worried to start my week without mom here anymore!

Monday -

Today was a great day! Morgan did really well. She was a big help and she did really well with it being just the three of us at home. It gave me hope that it really is possible to adjust to having two kiddos! (Not that I didn't believe all of you who told me it was possible!)

Tuesday -

Oh my - where did my sweet Morgan go?!? This morning was ROUGH! I know I have to be consistant with her and be strong but it is so hard! Jaron has been sleeping on my bed all morning because Morgan just wants me to hold her. She won't let me put her down. I needed to brush my teeth and she wouldn't even sit on the bathroom counter, she cried because I wouldn't hold her. It's so hard for me because I know I can make her happy, but I can't give in to everything that she wants. We did snuggle on the couch for most of the morning. I'm just glad that she WANTS to snuggle me again! Grandma J came by this afternoon and asked if Morgan could spend the night. Morgan was very excited so she went. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning! Another exciting thing - Morgan called us this evening and said that she went potty on the big girl potty! I think we may be turning a corner:)

Alright...I think that pretty much sums it up...I'll try to be better with updates!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

We're Home!

It is so nice to be home. We are all adjusting pretty well. Here are a couple new pictures from today.
Gotta love the baby yawn!

Bentley (our almost 3lb dog) next to Jaron

Morgan and Jaron snuggling

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hospital Picture

Day 2

We are having so much fun with our little guy! He is a very good far :) We plan to go home late tonight after they release us. We are anxious to start our family time at home! Aunt Becca and Aunt Elizabeth are on their way here from Kansas City and will get to meet Jaron when we get home tonight! We are so thankful for our family! Morgan has loved spending time with Grandpa and Grandma L. the past couple days!

Morgan, Grandma L. and Jaron

Such a good big sister!

Morgan LOVES her little brother!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008




More Pictures...

Morgan came in Tuesday night to say goodnight before she went to bed so that she could see where mom and dad were and what was going on. I was worried that she might be scared of mommy being in pain, but she did really well! She wanted to hold my hand and she put on an extra gown and she helped me breathe through my contractions. She was so cute! She was a good labor coach. She kept saying, "Go Mommy Go!" and "Good Job Mommy!" This picture was taken an hour and a half before Jaron arrived.

Can you tell she's excited to have a little brother?!

In Grandpa L's Arms

Proud Daddy! peaceful!

Jaron Andrew is Here!

Jaron Andrew
June 10, 2008
10:35 pm
7lbs 5 oz (same as Morgan)
20 1/2 inches long

More pictures to come!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Splish Splash!

This morning it was HOT HOT HOT! It has been so muggy and hot the past few days! I thought that maybe, after Morgan's nap, we would go swimming at our friends from church's house. She called and said that the water was PERFECT! Sounded good to me! Well, I was anticipating Morgan to wake up around 3:30 and at 3:15 the thunder started and the dark clouds approached. I was so sad! I was really looking forward to a good swim! Well, Morgan woke up around 3:45, and she put on a bathing suit and went out to play in the rain. One of her all time FAVORITE things to do is jump in puddles. So, this may have been even better than swimming in her eyes!


She noticed that mommy was taking pictures of she went and got her camera and took pictures of Bentley "jumping" in puddles.

Notice the sucker? That's because she went inside (in the middle of puddle jumping) and went potty on the big girl potty!!! YAY!

First Fridays

In our little town, we have what is called "First Friday's." It's a mini-fair type celebration every first Friday of the month throughout the summer. There are all sorts of vendors that line the streets of the downtown square. Churches have booths, there's live music, good food, horse rides, blow up jumpy things, and LOTS of people. We've only been one other time, and probably won't go again because Craig hates crowds, and it was just overwhelming with a two year old. However, Morgan LOVED it. It may have helped that she was with her good friend Maddix. Here are some pictures I took before the sirens went off and the HUGE storm came! We got inside JUST in time!
Morgan and Maddix

Some of the vendors by the courthouse.

I just loved what this caution tape said!

He seemed like he was having a good time cooking though!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Potty Training!

So today has been a GREAT day for potty training!!! Morgan was in panties almost the entire day. We did go through about 4 pair, but it was a good day! She would realize that she needed to go, and then say, "Mommy, I gotta go potty!" So we'd rush off to the bathroom...well, she went a bit in her panties, but the majority got in the potty. AND, we went to Arby's for lunch today and she didn't have an accident while we were out! YAY! We usually put a diaper on her when we venture out of the house, but we thought we'd try a short lunch trip. So tonight, at a graduation open house, she was in a diaper, and she told me she had to go potty, and so we went in and she actually went potty somewhere other than her potty chair!! And her diaper was only a little wet! (Can you tell I'm excited?!) She was so cute, she sat there on the potty saying, "Listen mommy! Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle!! I proud of you!" I think we tell her that we're proud of her enough:) My last little bit of excitement came tonight. I was in our back family room, talking to my mom on the phone, and I heard Morgan yell, "Mommy, I go potty!" So I got up, and there she was...sitting - in the dark - in the bathroom on her potty chair! She had gone in all by herself and gone potty!!! Woohoo! I think we're turning a corner!

Anyway, just thought I'd share my excitement! Any mother of a two or three year old who is going through potty training their child can relate to my joy:) She may just be potty trained before the baby gets here...we'll see!! It's a race!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

38 Weeks

Here I am at 38 weeks with baby #2
Here I am at 37 weeks with Morgan...never got the 38 week picture.