Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello Spring Break!!

Today was the first day of our Spring Break. Last night, the snow started and we went from no snow to waking up to 10 inches on the ground! It continued to snow all day and we ended up with more than a foot of snow!  All day, Jaron was asking to build an igloo. Craig is in a crazy busy time at work right now and I thought it might be something fun that they could do when he got home to just give himself a break from the craziness of work. (His favorite part of our Mexico vacation in December was building a sandcastle and digging a monstrous hole on the beach!)  I left for Bible Study at 7:00 and Jaron was still waiting for daddy to get home. When I came home after bible study - about 10:30, I was shocked to find Jaron and Craig out in the front yard! What a dad!! After working 12+ hours today, he made time for Jaron and went out and made an simple task! I went out for the last hour and helped them finish it up.  Can I just brag a bit on my husband?! What a fantastic, hard working, loving daddy he is!!

One of my favorite memories was when my dad made us an igloo :) Now, our kids will have that memory too!!