Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Morgan - 8

This past weekend we celebrated Morgan's 8th birthday. I can not believe it. EIGHT! I remember when I was 8. I can't have a child who is 8! That's WAY too close to 10.

But ready or not, it's here. Reality is that we have an 8 year old. These past 8 years seem to have flown by. On Saturday, Morgan and I looked back through so many pictures. It was fun to relive some of the memories. We both even had a few happy tears looking back.

If you're not a picture person, I apologize in advance as this will be a mostly picture post!

Here's our beautiful girl at 2, almost 4, 6 and 8 :)

So, our celebration started Saturday morning. A friend was SO gracious to bring in some fun birthday decorations and plates. Morgan was surprised and very excited that it was so special.

Morgan invited the 10 girls from Pod 4 (the girls mostly her age at the Children's Village) over along with a couple missionary friends and our neighbor.

When we arrived to pick up the girls, they were all dressed in their best outfits! It is a real treat for them to be able to attend something like this!

Knowing that most of our guests would be Haitian, I asked my friend Celine if she would mind coming to help with lunch. It was SO nice not to not be stuck in the kitchen during the party or to have to worry about food and clean up for 14 girls!

Morgan requested beef pate (a fried, breaded dough around a hamburger mixture) and papitas (thinly sliced fried plantains). And of course we had some pikliz (a spicy type of coleslaw) too since they are Craig's favorite!  

Then we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey

The finished "board."

After that it was time for lunch! The girls were very quiet and polite at first. I thought they didn't like what we had served. But, after one girl asked for ketchup they ate everything and asked for seconds! 

Our crazy acrobat!!

Opening presents! Asemidade gave a little speech before Morgan started opening her presents. She told her that the gifts were from all the children at the orphanage and that they were very happy that she was here in Haiti to help them and that they loved her. It was very sweet.

A bag that some of the children made for Morgan

A Haitian painting for her room

Time for cake!!

A photo with most of the guests.

Time to take the girls back to the Children's Village. We managed to fit 9 of us on the quad. Don't worry, I was careful!! :)

And Craig took the other three. I think I caught them before they were ready ;)

Then, Sunday morning (Morgan's actual birthday), she asked for pancakes for breakfast.

After church, we hid her presents and she had to hunt for them. 

Jaron did a good job, but she eventually found them!

Another awesome team member brought Morgan's gifts for us when they visited!
Herd Your Horses game

Pick up Sticks! The kids LOVE this and I love that they love it. So many fun memories of playing this game when I was little.

And the traditional Spirograph set in a tin case. I guess I bought some of the things that I remember loving when I was about 8 years old. Any of you remember Spirograph?

And why not enjoy a birthday swim in February, right?! Here's Morgan with the starfish she found at the sandbar. 


I am so thankful that you are ours. Grandma Lash always told me that she hoped that I'd get a little girl just like me, and I sure did! :) You are full of love for others. You are smart, compassionate and always make sure that others feel special.

I love that you love to sing and dance.  I don't think there are many minutes in the day when you are not singing something. You are so creative! You always amaze me with the things you come up with. I'm so thankful that we have this chance to live in Haiti so that I can see the imagination that God has given you! I love that you still call me mommy (sometimes) and still love hugs and snuggling. I love that you will talk to me about anything.

I love how you love your brother. He looks up to you so much. Even though you disagree sometimes and he annoys you like brothers do, you are always quick to forgive and love him. I pray that you will be close for life! There's nothing like having a sibling who is also one of your closest friends!

This year, you:
-Finished first grade
-Went to the State Fair
-Went to your first Father Daughter dance
-Visited Haiti on a short trip
-Got a new cousin
-Started 2nd Grade
-Started homeschool
-Went to hockey games
-Visited the Children's Museum
-Went on your first cruise
-Helped lead worship at church
-Made snow ice cream
-Built an igloo
-Rode a zip line
-Fed buffalo
-Rode horses
-Moved to Haiti

I am looking forward to making even more memories with you! Daddy and Jaron and I love you so much!