Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day!

When we first moved to Haiti, we so much wanted to be accepted. We wanted the locals to see us as one of them. We were excited when the started calling us, "Blan Haitian." (white Haitian) It showed that they knew that we were more than just a passing tourist or another team member spending a week in their home. So many people pass through that sometimes we wondered what the locals thought. We didn't want to associate ourselves with "The Americans" who came and thought they knew everything that the Haitian's needed and how to do it. To be honest, we had a bit of a chip on our shoulder about being Americans here in Haiti. As an American, much is expected of you. However, after being here for 9 months, we are realizing how blessed we are to be able to call ourselves Americans. There are hundreds of Haitians every day lining up to attempt to get their passport and visas to get into the US for a chance at a "better life." Somewhere where there are jobs, quality education, unlimited amounts of clean water and electricity and hope for the future of their family. Those times when we struggle with aching joints and high fevers and sweaty nights and upset tummies and frustrating cultural differences, we then remember that we have a US Passport in our back pocket and we can pick up and leave whenever we want, simply because God chose for us to be born in America. No other reason. And for that we're thankful. Even though this year, we did not celebrate the 4th of July with family and friends and cookouts and fireworks, (we did a few sparklers), I wanted to make sure to say that we're so thankful for the freedom that we have! Thank you to all who have made that possible for our country! Even though many argue and disagree over so many things about our crazy country, remember...we are blessed.