Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Weekend with Aunt Ry

Aunt Ry came to stay with the kids last weekend while Craig and I went to Wesleyan Married Couples Retreat. We had a great time and I did not worry at all because I knew that Ryanne was more than capable to take care of the kids. They did so many fun things together. One thing they did was make pudding and then they finger painted with it!

Of course they had to eat a little bit too!
Some of the masterpieces
Look at that face!

I love that there are little people in this one.

Making a surprise for mommy and daddyI called Ryanne to talk to her and Morgan wanted to talk to me too. She told me that she was making a present for me but that it was a surprise. She said, "Don't tell!" Too funny:)

This was on the table when we came home:

Obviously Aunt Ry wrote down exactly what Morgan told her. Click the picture to make it bigger so that you can read it.
Mommy's gift (that Morgan picked out)

Daddy's Gift

Just for fun...


Haver Family said...


Kelly said...

I LOVE it! :) Emily has Craig's gift at her house too. It's in her dress up box.

Miss you! Your kiddos are beautiful.

Aunt Ry said...

Hahaha!!! Thanks for posting the pictures...I love the last ones! I have a lot to learn about parenting from you two - when I get too structured or up tight you just need to send me a picture of your family, k?! :) Love you guys!

(Oh - and I must give credit to John & Kate Plus 8 for the pudding thing - I saw it on their show).