Thursday, March 15, 2012

Would you pray?

Just a little confession. I'm not a very good planner. Whenever we leave for a trip - whether it's a week, or just a weekend, or anything in between, I look forward to the trip, but I usually do most of the planning the week before and the packing the day of our trip. This makes for one stressed out mama! I am not all that fun to be around in the hours leading up to our departure. Usually I'm stressing about Ava, our dog (since we usually forget to find someone to watch her for our little getaway until last minute), thinking that I'm forgetting something, etc. etc.

Well, the nervous little churning in my stomach (that my husband calls anxiety) is already showing its ugly head. (and we have eight whole weeks before we leave for Haiti!) I really don't want these weeks of preparing and planning to be filled with a nervous overwhelmed feeling. I seriously can't shake this feeling in my stomach.

So - will you pray? Pray that I'm able to sleep and not think about my to do list and packing list? Pray that my thoughts would be consumed with my heavenly Father and not "things" that are on those lists? I know that God can give me that "peace beyond our understanding" and that's what I'm asking for.

Thanks friends.


jade said...

Oh I so get this! I'm with you on the "I'm not fun to be around the hours leading up to departure!" this is any area I have had to work on for years! Nathan,in years past, often had to remind me that party guests care more about me being pleasent than how cute the party looks (what I often used to stress over)!
Will truly be praying for you! We are excited over here about your 8 week journey as a family(!!!!!!!) in Haiti!
I pray during these 8 weeks leading up to your departure that you will seek The Planner and not the plan! That you will rest in the One who has called you to this exciting act of faith! Enjoy the journey, truly!! The same God that gave Morgan and Jaron peace that surpasses all understanding about their shots can and wants to give you that exact peace during your time of preparation!
So excited for you all and am praying!

Renee said...

Thank you Jade. It means a lot to know we have friends and family praying for us. Even just admitting this and getting it out in the light helps to break the stronghold that Satan has. I've felt much better after just getting it out there! AMEN!