Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I'll Miss

Less than two weeks. I can't help but get excited about coming home, but I really don't want to wish away our last days here in Haiti.  So, I thought I'd make a list of the things that I'm going to miss the most when we are gone.

In no particular order...

~ The children at the orphanage - they have stolen my heart
~ New friends - Soliette, Joanne, Bee, Celine, Faby, Marie, Julian, Matt and the list goes on

~ The genuine friendliness of the people of La Gonave. You rarely pass someone without them saying hello and asking how you and your family are...even complete strangers.
~ Having Craig with us during the day every day for the past 6 weeks!!
~ Swimming in the ocean in crystal clear water at least once a week

~ My almost daily walks with Craig to get Toro (an energy drink)
~ The slow laid back pace of the island.
~ Having a Haitian cook once a week for our family for only $6.25 (This is actually a very good wage for a Haitian for those of you who think we're being cheap-o's) Check out this yummy goodness made from scratch!!

~ Having a Haitian house cleaner three days/week - let me tell you, at first, I was not at all comfortable with this idea...however, all the other missionaries use a house cleaner and they tell me that it's just as much if not more for the Haitians as it is for them.  They are providing a job and it does actually help quite a bit.  Ser Meigles has been marvelous! I have been SO spoiled.  She does our laundry (washes and line dries), cleans the bathrooms, changes sheets, does dishes (she will not let me wash dishes while she's in our house), mops floors, cleans windows, etc. It will be different to get back home and have these chores back for myself!
~ Sending the kids out to play with friends and not worrying if I don't see them for a couple hours :) It has been SO nice having all of these missionary kids for our kids to play with! There are 8 kids 10 and under living on the Wesleyan Compound. It is a very secure, safe area that is completely enclosed and locked with gates.  The kids know their boundaries and it's not rare if I don't see the kids some days until they come home looking for food.

~ Only buying groceries once a month. - I suppose I could try this out at home, but I'm afraid once I live two minutes from Meijer, I'll be back to my daily trips :)
~ Saving money on GAS!  We walk practically everywhere.

13 days and counting...

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Jewel said...

Nice list. :) Praying for only blessings and lots of sweet memories during your last two weeks! <3