Tuesday, April 1, 2014


As the sun is going down, we have about 2 hours of beautiful non intense sun weather before it's dark. We love to take the moto up the mountain a little ways and find places to hike. It's amazing how quiet it gets when you get even five minutes out of town. 

Gassing up...definitely don't want to run out of gas up the mountain. Jaron is such the little helper!

The beautiful mountains of La Gonave.
Morgan and Jaron hiking on one of the trails we found.

We passed this spot with all of these piles of rocks. These are pulled out of the earth and then people will sit and smash them up into smaller rock and even fine powder. Then, it is sold by either the wheelbarrow or truck full. Sometimes it's used for roads, or yards and other times to make cement.

Hiking up the mountain with the town of Anse a Galets behind us. If you look hard, you can see the mainland about 14 miles across the sea.

Such a peaceful place. Only the occasional goat or donkey to interrupt :) No one yelling "blan" at you. (White person) Or "Ba mwen one dollar!" (Give me $1) I think we may need to picnic up here sometimes!!

Love her!

She found this fun spot on our hike back down. 

Morgan and Jaron have a fascination with the animals here. They always want to try to pet or catch them. Cows, donkeys, goats, chickens...whatever it may be. So, they used their Creole and asked this boy if they could pet his cow. He looked at them like they were crazy, but said yes. So, they attempted....

...but the closer they got, the further the cow went...he just didn't know what these little white kids were doing! They never did get to pet him ;)

And after a quick drink, we all load up and head back home.

Until next time...

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Andrea said...

What a beautiful hike. Neat to see the village from a different point of view too, and the ocean!