Saturday, December 13, 2014

New View on International Adoption

Since moving here to Haiti, my mind has been stretched in SO many ways. One of those ways deals with International adoption. I never knew how to share my heart on such a passionate topic without coming across as heartless. Before we moved to Haiti, even though we never wanted to adopt internationally, we did feel that God had asked us to be obedient to take steps down that road. Now, I feel like God put those feelings in our hearts and had us take those steps so that we might be able to understand, somewhat, what others are feeling who are in the process of International adoption (on a very small scale) so that we could be empathetic with them. However, I am thankful that God closed that specific door for our family.

Before too many of you get offended, (because I worry (too much) about offending that I actually have blogs written from a year ago that I haven't shared...) I'll let you hear from someone who has been in the International Adoption trenches twice and has come out on the other side and who can share her heart MUCH better than I can.

For those of you who don't know of, or have never read anything by Jen Hatmaker, you're MISSING OUT! Please take a minute and read this. It is everything that I wish I could say, but don't feel like I can because I have never truly been in the situation of an International adoption.

The Adoption Crisis Part 1

I want to let this article speak for itself, but a couple of things that made my heart race and my body practically jump from my chair screaming "YES!"...

If you have made it this far and are still reading...thank you. Like I said, I really don't mean any harm by this blog, but I just pray that it will challenge you to think. For your eyes to be opened like mine were. I have so much more on my heart to say about this and would love to continue this conversation with anyone who wishes. And, please know that I understand that this is NOT true for all orphans, all adoptions, all cases. But we must be careful and be informed.

I LOVE these children who we are working with and definitely want what is BEST for them. Is that to be adopted into a life in a first world country with a new family? For most, I say no. There is a reason that Mme. Soliette has chosen not to get her license for her children to be adopted. I love that she is trying to reunite families, help them to get back on their feet and support them to take care of their own children. She makes very difficult decisions every day when another family comes to her door asking her to take their child because they can not feed or educate them.

Even if you have never felt like God is calling you to adopt, there is something you can do. You can pray. You can pray for the children who have been orphaned. Whether they are true orphans, or financial or abandoned orphans, they need your prayers. And you can pray for those who feel called to adopt. That calling is not light. It is not for everyone. It is heart wrenching. And sometimes God calls us to be obedient to agree to adopt and to listen to Him, but then we need to CONTINUE to listen to Him. Does God sometimes tell us that it's okay to step away from the process? Even though we clearly heard Him say to go down that road another time? Yes. He clearly opened the door and closed the door for us. Was it easy? No. Is it ever easy hearing God's voice and being obedient to what He says? Sometimes. But not always. Please pray for these families.

Jen continues her discussion with The Adoption Crisis Part 2 and Part 3. Feel free to read for more information.

**After Craig read this blog, he said he didn't really feel like he knew what I was trying to say. So, if you feel the same way, my first question is...did you read Jen's article that I linked? (He said no..haha!) So, go back and read it if you didn't. And if you still have questions, please, leave me a comment or feel free to email me! :)

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