Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Our morning started out with Mac & Cheese for breakfast...yeah, that is what our little two year old wanted to eat. She had it yesterday, so I just warmed it up and she actually ate it for breakfast. And if that's not bad enough, she wanted to drink lemonade with it! Oh my.

Then we painted for a while. Here are some fun pictures:

Concentrating so hard!

Don't worry...I didn't let her eat it, she was just pretending.
Now comes the reason for the title of this post...we've been trying to get rid of the paci for months now, and decided that it was okay to have it as long as it was when Morgan was sleeping. So Craig tells her that if she wants it, she has to have her eyes closed. I go as far as to make her be in her bed. Well, this morning, she would not take it out. So I finally said, Morgan, you either take your paci and put it on your bed, or I'll take it and throw it away! (I really didn't know if I had the strength to do it, but I said 5 times) So, I decided I was ready for the war. I went and picked her up and went to the trash and said, "Do you want to go put it in your room, or are we going to throw it away?" She told me, "Throw away, Morgan big girl now, Morgan two." And so we did. At that point, I think it was harder for me than for her! I was shocked!!! She wanted to look back in the garbage once, but then I gave her a big hug and told her how proud of her I was. Then she got a sucker for a treat for being such a big girl.

Fast forward - We took daddy a picnic for lunch and went and played outside at the park. (It was cold! It looked a lot nicer than it felt...but that didn't seem to phase Morgan!) Then we came home, watched a bit of "Flushed Away"... more because I was delaying the inevitable nap time...and then headed to bed. At first, things were going great. She got a new animal to lay with her, and she still has her all precious blankie that my sister made for her. She laid down, and I came out to check my email, and I heard her crying, but she was asking for "Flushed Away", not her paci. I was like, wow! This could work. Well, 5 minutes later she was quite, but then I heard things start hitting her door/wall/floor. She was throwing all of her books off her bed and at the door. I went in and told her to go to sleep, and then the tears came. "I want my paci!" I reminded her that she was a big girl and that she chose to throw it away, and she continued, "Different one!" (She's too smart!) So I told her I would lay with her and snuggle. Didn't work, the tears kept coming. So to make a long story kind of short, I caved. About 30 minutes after laying her down initially, I got her the one last paci that we have in our house. And right when I gave it to her, she closed her eyes and didn't make another sound.

So we're getting closer. But today wasn't the "Big Day" I was anticipating.


Craig said...

mommy is a wuss...

CRJFamily said...

Haha...thanks would have given in before me!!

Stephen & Michelle said...

Titus wasn't so brave (to volunteer), and I wasn't as nice :)

We took the advice of one of our other friends and without notice just cut the end off his pacifier. Well, we still gave it to him like normal and he told us it was "broken" and we needed to "put it in the trash". I was a little hesitant, and we did have a hard time on and off over the next few weeks, but overall it went well. Whenever he got upset we reminded him that it was broken (even pulling it out of his trash basket to show him).

So, no way around it, nap and sleep times were ugly until he found another way to soothe himself to sleep, but we are SO thankfull this is FINALLY past us. I didn't think we would ever get rid of it!!