Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We just got back from a fun trip to Michigan. I think it will be our last before the baby comes. Two and a half hours in the car is not a comfortable thing when you're 33 weeks pregnant! All in all we had a great time. We were able to visit with my mom and dad and brother and my sister even made a surprise trip over to see us! The one thing I wasn't expecting was the COLD weather! We left Indiana and it was in the 80's and the next day in Michigan it was in the 50's. I don't think it would have seemed so cold if it wouldn't have been 80 the day before! What is up with this wacko weather?!?

Morgan and I headed out to MOMS group this morning at church and it was nice to get away and finally be able to go. I've been working at IWU for the past two months, so I haven't been able to go. Then, after Craig gets home from work, I think we're going to go get Morgan a swingset, or playground, as she calls it:) I've read that it can take multiple hours to set up even with a few guys putting it together. So we'll see! Hopefully we'll be able to play on it soon! I'll be sure to post pictures of the building progress.


Tyler Klein said...

Jena and I can help if we aren't too dead from moving stuff into her apartment. Jena and I haven't started our blog like this yet, but once we're married it will be updated at tylerandjena.blogspot.com

Hope to see you guys tomorrow night at youth group (that means I hope we won't be too busy to go.)

Leslie said...

congrats on baby #2.... :)
hope the swinging is more fun than the building...

Wendi said...

So glad to hear some Craig and Renee news again!! As you probably know I have gotten bit by the blogging bug myself, abd am now quite addicted... :)
I look forward to more glimpses into your life. :) You will have so much fun with that litte guy when he comes! Wnen are you due?