Friday, May 7, 2010

I am His

As I was praying this morning, I was thanking God for his love. grace. forgiveness. patience. Then, as I was praying I felt like God was saying, Yes, I give you those things, but how long is it going to take for you to seek me fully? Yes, I am patient with you, but are you taking that for granted? I want a relationship with you, Renee. I want you to fully depend on Me.

Our God is a loving, forgiving, patient, full of grace God, but I believe there is a time when we have to decide that it's not all about what He can do for us, but what we are doing for Him.

So, what am I doing for Him? What am I doing to deepen my relationship with Him? I have to admit that I am at least talking to him more regularly, but what else? What else will help me to get to know Him better? Spending time in His Word. Singing praises and worshiping all day long. Remembering who He is, and that He is holy...and He chose me.

God has been using me, stretching me, teaching me. I am His. Now, I just want my life to show it.


Rachel said...

I'm here and I'll be reading :) Thanks for sharing what God has been teaching you lately. He has been showing me some of the same exact things - it is amazing to see you put them into words! I can't wait to hear more about what He is doing in your life!

Leslie said...

beautiful... Renee... love this post. Alot. Happy to have you back...