Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cards for the Kids

Hey Friends!!

I was just thinking that it would be neat for Morgan and Jaron to get cards/notes from friends and family while we are in Haiti for the 8 weeks.  If you or your children would like to draw a picture or write a note to either or both kiddos, please make sure to give it to me by Monday, May 14th so that I can pack them and give them to the kids while we're there.  I know that they will miss everyone while we're gone and thought this might be a fun way to encourage them while we're gone.  If you want to send your letter via snail mail, leave a message and I can email you our address.

Thanks SO much! I know the kids will LOVE this surprise...they LOVE getting mail!


Laura said...

Hey Renee...Abbi's has been talking so much about u..if u guys could would like for her to write please write your address I'll have her send pictures to you if you would like

Renee said...

Laura - that would be great! I'll message you our address on Facebook! Thanks :-)