Sunday, August 12, 2012

4 weeks

It's been a month.

I've opened up this blog more times than I can count to write an update.

I stared at the screen...started to type...erased it...closed the screen.

It's so hard to close up our journey for you. Mostly because it's not done. It's hard to put into words what the past three months have been for our family.  They were fabulous, terrible, amazing, awful. Everything in one.

People will ask us how our trip was. Who would have thought that would be such a hard question to answer. We have found that most people are just being polite in asking but really don't care to hear the response.  What we have become so passionate about doesn't resonate with all of our family and friends. They know they are supposed to ask, but do they really want to take time to listen to what has changed our hearts and lives? It's hard.

So...I don't know what to say. We are definitely changed. We will talk for hours to anyone who cares to listen, but I also won't pretend to think that everyone really desires to hear the details :)

If you would like to hear about our trip, we'd love to talk with you. If not, please don't's really ok. We all have different passions.

God is still doing some amazing things in our hearts.  Our family will never be the same. I'm so thankful and blessed for the opportunity that we had to spend this time together as a family. What an awesome thing to experience together.

We're still figuring out our new "normal." It's crazy to come back to what we were thinking would be normal and have that not feel normal at all.  We are still missing our Haitian friends like crazy. We are missing the slow paced, no rush days. We are adjusting to Craig being thrust back into the wild rush of his job that comes at this time of year after having him to ourselves for two months. We miss him.

I'm thankful. For so many things. My eyes have been opened. Haiti will forever be a part of our lives. We will be back.


Andrea said...

Oh dear girl, I get this. So happy for the love your family has for the precious people of Haiti and happy that you will be back at some point! Weaving ministry in another country into your everyday life is certainly not easy; my husband lived in Ukraine for a year and continued to go back each summer for a few years. It was always a huge adjustment to come 'back'. But God does amazing things in our hearts when we open them up to others! Your families journey is a beautiful example of this.

Renee said...

Thanks. It's good to hear from someone who "gets it." Thanks for taking time to respond!