Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today was an emotional roller coaster. The past six and a half years, I have spent investing into my two precious gifts from God. This morning, we dropped them both off at school.

Morgan started first grade this morning and Jaron is attending three mornings at a local preschool.  They were both super excited and that definitely helped. Last year, we had a very rough start and Morgan was in tears every day for the first five weeks of school.  That was rough on all of us and I'm so thankful that we're one day in and have no tears.  (Except from mama!)

One thing that I'm SO thankful for is the Open House/Orientation that the schools do here the night before school starts. I never remember having that growing up. I really feel like this just helps to calm the nerves for everyone. We can take all the school supplies in the night before, find the classroom and desk and meet the teacher all before the first day. 

I really could not have asked for today to go any better. The kids were excited, we were all up and ready on time and our routine was smooth. Craig took Morgan to the bus stop and I took Jaron to preschool.

 Hope you enjoyed the photos - please excuse the crazy spacing...blogger is NOT my friend :)

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