Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping

As I'm sitting here planning meals for my family and making out my grocery list for the week, I came across this post from Okipe. This is the orphanage that our family is moving to Haiti to help.

How much do you spend on food shopping for your family weekly?

One "study found feeding four a healthy diet can run between $146 dollars a week on the low end, to $289 on the high end." 

That's an average of $868 (£566) PER MONTH to feed just 4 people.

Imagine you had to feed a family of 80!

Mme Soliette does.

If she spent the U.S average on food that would cost her $17,360 (£11,315) per month just on FOOD.

Guess how much Mme Soliette spends to feed over 80 mouths per MONTH?

$4,200 (£2,740).

In fact, Mme Soliette could feed, clothe, educate and efficiently run an entire village for over 80 orphans for just $12,000 per month.

Unfortunately, she has to do it on just $9,000 per month just now because we do not have enough sponsors yet.

Mme Soliette's goal is not just to feed and look after 80 orphans. Her dream is to equip them with a great education and upbringing to enable them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Today you can help her achieve her dream for all these precious children.

From as little as $10 per month you can Join the Village and help ensure all these children have a better today and brighter tomorrow. Mme Soliette is committed to her children but she needs your help now.

For the price of a Cafe Latte per week you can influence some of the poorest and neediest children on the earth today. Please consider and act now, giving any amount you can afford. Please click this link for simple and quick instructions on how to Join the Village right now:

Thank you for caring and for making a difference. )

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