Friday, May 9, 2014

A Call to Encourage

Since this is my personal page, I'm going to be honest. Yesterday, I posted this (below) on the Okipe facebook page. Over 1400 people saw this. 4 people gave. I don't want to guilt you into giving. But it made me really think. I know $100 is a lot of money. I know $35 is a lot. But we are so blessed financially. That is one thing that I have seen over and over living in Haiti. Even those times when we think that things are tight, I encourage you to look around and see the things in your house that you could live without. Jesus calls us to a different life. Even living here in Haiti, our Western culture and habits are sneaking in. Our house is somehow mysteriously filling up with "stuff." It breaks my heart when I see people holding on to things so tightly and who are miserable. Then, I look around at my neighbors and friends here, who have next to nothing, and are just filled with joy, love and generosity for others. If there is ever a need, or even a want, they are there to give. The other day, Craig said, "I stink...I need a shower!" They instantly stood up and said you can shower here! Then they headed to get some water until Craig stopped them. That may not seem like a big deal, and it's just an example. But they don't just have water at their house. They have to walk to one of the public wells every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and then carry water back to do basic things like wash and cook.

Craig and I have always hated asking for money. But I have no guilt in campaigning for these children who have no hope otherwise. I challenge you to pray. If you feel like God is asking you to give, even though you don't know how you might get through the next week, do it. Our God is so much bigger than I tended to think when I lived in the States. He is just waiting to show us some of His blessings. We just have to give up some control and give Him the opportunity.  The people living around me a lot of times are unable to control their circumstances and therefor MUST rely on God to  provide for them. AND HE DOES. Not always in the ways that they might have wanted or thought originally. But God's ways are higher than ours. 

And, if while you're praying and seeking God's will for your family, you feel that He is asking something more of you; something more long term, please email me. I will talk with you about how you can help give these kiddos food, education, medical care and so much more with just $10 a month. 

"You will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God." Ephesians 3:19


Guess What?! We have an opportunity to be a part of something BIG! Everyone has their own ways in which they are helping the children at the Jesus Home for Children of La Gonave.
Doug Barden, a New Director from California, decided a year ago that he was going to participate in an IRONMAN to raise money for the children! Talk about HARD WORK! His goal is to get people to sponsor all 140 miles that he is biking, swimming and running!! Over the past year, he has trained and told the story, but guess what? He is discouraged. Not many people are responding to his plea for help. I LOVE when people dream big. Originally, Doug was asking people to sponsor a mile for $100. He would be able to raise $14,000 for the Children's Village!! After seeing the lack of response, he has cut his goal by more than half and lowered the donation to $35 per mile. I would LOVE to see people jump on board, if you're able, at his original goal! Let's blow Doug away with our generosity and get behind him as he trains for these next 7 weeks!!

Please take a few minutes to click on the YouTube link below and watch the video that he made. He explains everything VERY simply and it's very well done. 

Then, if you are able, go to his fundraising page and choose a mile to sponsor by clicking the green DONATE button at the top of the page!


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I would love to do $10/month.