Thursday, May 15, 2014

Don't have the words.

I know not all of you who read this blog follow us on facebook...which I would recommend if you'd like a more regular update on our life!  It's just easier for me to post a picture here and there and a short blurb explaining it. It's hard to sit down and pour out my heart...which is more of what I think a blog is for.

We are learning so many things living here in Haiti. I have so many blog posts running through my head, but for a number of reasons, fear of offending, thinking I can't get the words out right, etc, I just can't write them down. So many others have already blogged some of my same thoughts, so I'll just let you read it from them. Here's one...and before you read, I want to admit that we WERE THAT FAMILY. Every time someone would ask for money for something, I would roll my eyes and think, really? Again? But man, God has changed our families heart. We have woken up to how INCREDIBLY blessed we are and how much we have. Living here, with SO much less than what we had before, sometimes it's still awkward and embarrassing living among others who have SO much less.
"Become wildly generous. Give your life away. It’s easy to give when we have a lot. But when we give and it costs us something–that is true generosity. I’ll say it again: There is nothing more gratifying than giving someone something they need instead of buying something we want."

Just something to think about...are you sleeping through your American dream life? Do you even realize that we are NOT the norm?

Please read this blog from Kristen and try to keep an open heart.

And, on a lighter note...I've started a YouTube account to post little videos about our life here in Haiti...make sure to check it out once in a while...if you want ;)

YouTube Channel

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