Friday, May 2, 2008


Now the house is quiet. Grandma J just came to pick up Morgan and Unlce Randy left to go to Uncle Rob and Aunt Alli's house for Rob's graduation. We had a great time visiting with Uncle Randy and we REALLY hope that he decides to come to IWU in the fall. Morgan just adored spending time with Uncle Randy.

Right before he left, Mo and Uncle Randy (and Bentley) took a nap together.

Last night, we went to dinner at the new Buffalo Wild Wings. (It's so exciting to get new businesses in our town!) It took FOREVER, but the food was really good. Well, while we were there, the baby got the hiccups. Morgan has never really been able to feel the baby move, but last night, she felt him and got so excited. This morning, he got them again, and she kept saying, MORE, MORE, MORE! So this afternoon, I was able to catch it on camera:)

Waiting for the hiccup...

The intense thrill of feeling her baby brother moving in mommy's belly!!

It is so much fun having such a sweet little girl. Being two is not an easy thing for her. I often say that she has one personality for each year that she's been alive. She's an angel most of the time, but those horns sure come out once in a while. I've heard that the three's are even more difficult...I'm hoping people are wrong about that!!! We'll just have to wait and see, and for now, cherish every moment that God gives us with this precious girl!


Jim and Jaena said...

Thanks for your comments! You will be fine with two. It takes a little adjusting, but Jim and I just "divide and conquer": one kid for each parent. :)

I love the photos!

Leslie said...

So sweet, and love the photos of her with sunglasses.... btw. I totally wonder the same thing... how I will love another so intensely, but everyone just says you just do.. we will see huh..

Rebecca said...

Good to see you on blogger and see some updates. Morgan just gets more and more beautiful! How fun that she got to feel the new baby move. As for having two, there's a bit of adjusting, but you'll do great!! i wondered the same thing when i was pregnant with can i love her as much as i do liberty, but once she was born, my heart just grew..amazing!