Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our New Swingset

Morgan couldn't wait until the slide was attched to start playing!

Having TONS of fun!!
Look at how windy it was! She didn't seem to mind.
She does REALLY well climbing up all on her own.

YAY!!! We now have a swingset, or playground - as Morgan likes to call it, in our backyard! It was quite the project to put together! Craig and I started around 10:00 this morning, and since I'm not able to help much, it took us about an hour to set everything out and get the slide put together. Our friends Tyler and Jena came over and Tyler helped Craig finish while Jena and I entertained Morgan. It still took about 6 hours to put together and we still haven't put the little picnic table in under the tower. We decided that could wait for another day.
Our little monkey!

She did NOT want to go inside!
Giving her new playground a hug:)


Ry said...

Yeah!!! I've seen this one on e-bay - what brand is it?

Amanda said...

so fun to be reunited in blog-land...and to hear number 2 is on the way! :) my girls are LOVING the swingset in our yard...we pulled in from our trip to michigan this evening and it was the FIRST thing elizabeth wanted to do! :)

CRJFamily said...

I'm not sure the brand...just one from Wal-Mart. It's called the me memories of Tobey Elementary!