Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Reunion


We hiked up Sugar Loaf Mountain! Morgan had a blast and she did SO well! She is such a girly girl and loves to paint her nails and play dress up, but she also LOVES to be outside and play in the dirt. I couldn't believe how well she did. She didn't asked to be carried at all!

About half way up!
It was beautiful.
Our family. Thankfully Jaron slept the entire way up and most of the way down.
Here's the Janofski clan that made the hike up. I think the final count of people at the reunion was close to 80! I think about 40 of us climbed.
When we got back, we got to go for a boat ride on Lake Superior.
Morgan wasn't too sure at first...
But once we started going FAST, she loved it!
The oldest and youngest at the reunion: Aunt Nettie and Jaron
Our family with the beautiful sunset.

Craig's birthday was on Sunday, so Morgan gave him a card and some snacks for the ride home. She opened them for him. They both LOVE beef jerky. We stopped on US-2 to play in Lake Michigan and stretch our legs!
Morgan loved the water ALL weekend! I think we need to move to the beach.
She was playing in the black dirt and putting her little handprints on Craig.
Daddy's are so much fun! He kept throwing her and she'd say MORE!

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Aunt Ry said...

oh my word! you have some awesome pictures! the one of the whole janofski clan (that climbed) is really cool and the one of you and craig and mo and jaron with the sunset is so good - it is a perfect family picture! and i LOVE the one of mo bent over playing in the water - i just may frame that one! ps - i see you got the blanket :)