Monday, August 4, 2008


Thursday was a fun day for us! We headed up to Grand Rapids, Michigan with Craig since he had to stop in and work at Cornerstone University Bookstore for a bit. We were able to spend some time with a few friends!

First, we went to see Michelle and Ted and their two kids, Teddy and Hope. Morgan and Teddy played in the lake and then they both took great naps while Michelle and I caught up and spent some time together with our babies.

Teddy at the lake

Hope and Jaron (5 months and 2 months)

Then, I had the opportunity to meet a friend who I've only known through emails, a message board and phone calls. Her family met our family at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner! Susan is a wonderful Christian woman who I was very happy to finally have the chance to meet. She and her husband have three gorgeous children two boys and their precious little girl, Jana. Jana and Jaron actually share a birthday!! Here are a few pictures from our meeting.
Morgan loved Susan! We got ice cream at Coldstone after dinner.
Proud daddy's!
Make sure to check back soon. I have a lot of pictures to share from our weekend. We were up in the upper peninsula of Michigan at a family reunion. We had a great time, but we are very ready and happy to be home. I'm going to take advantage of BOTH children napping and try to get a nap in too! Happy Monday!


Aunt Ry said...

Ok - three things:

1. I don't even recognize my nephew!!! He's changed so much in the last month.

2. Jaron and Jana are destined to marry each other! With names like that and the same birthday?! How cute!

3. Your hair is way cute. (Good job Craig...and Happy Belated Birthday)!

Can't wait for more pics. Love you!

Jason and Karla Aukerman said...

I love your hair Renee!!!!