Monday, August 18, 2008

A Fun New Toy & SMILES

Grandpa and Grandma J brought Morgan a new pool for the backyard! Morgan loves to swim, so this will be a perfect way to spend our time for the remainder of the summer and next year. The water is still pretty cold, but Morgan and Craig did get in for a little bit yesterday before naps. I think we'll probably try it again this evening when Craig gets home from work.

Craig found a toad and Morgan thought it was fun to try to catch it...but thankfully, it was too quick!

I've also been trying to get Jaron's smile on camera, but every time I would get the camera out, he would stop smiling. I'd move it away from my face, and he'd smile. You know how it goes! So, Saturday, I caught some great smiles while Grandma J was holding him. I just needed to prove that I do have a happy baby!! ENJOY!


Jay and Tammy Tropf said...

He is precious! Love the smiles! That pool is nice.....I was picturing like a baby pool or something before I saw the pic! How fun!

Jewel said...

Yea thats a big pool and a big smile! You're still welcome over any time! ;)