Friday, August 27, 2010


For a few weeks now, I've been feeling like we've needed to have Amerie over. You can read about her story here.

Last week, we were finally able to connect. Morgan and Amerie got a long great and had a fantastic time together. I'm so thankful for the innocence of youth. We had talked a lot with Morgan about how Amerie's mom had died and that Amerie might be sad. I was making dinner and I noticed that Morgan was whispering something in Amerie's ear. I watched for a minute and after they hugged and went on playing I asked Morgan what she had said. She told me that she just said she was sorry that her mom died. And that was that. I wasn't sure how to bring it up, I wasn't sure if I needed to.

We just made sure to give lots of love and hugs while she was at our house. I don't know what the future holds for this precious girl, but I pray that whatever part God wants us to play, we will be willing and ready. However big or small.

The hot tub was pretty low, so we were adding hose water and the kids wanted to play in the "warmish" water :)


Suzanne Howell said...

I love this Renee! I just love Morgan's heart too. Sweet girl. I am glad that God gave you this day when you were faithful to obey His prompting!

Odie Langley said...

Too bad us adults can't be more like them. It would be a much better world.