Monday, June 9, 2008

First Fridays

In our little town, we have what is called "First Friday's." It's a mini-fair type celebration every first Friday of the month throughout the summer. There are all sorts of vendors that line the streets of the downtown square. Churches have booths, there's live music, good food, horse rides, blow up jumpy things, and LOTS of people. We've only been one other time, and probably won't go again because Craig hates crowds, and it was just overwhelming with a two year old. However, Morgan LOVED it. It may have helped that she was with her good friend Maddix. Here are some pictures I took before the sirens went off and the HUGE storm came! We got inside JUST in time!
Morgan and Maddix

Some of the vendors by the courthouse.

I just loved what this caution tape said!

He seemed like he was having a good time cooking though!

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