Sunday, June 1, 2008


Sundays are always nice, relaxing. Our normal Sunday routine includes early morning cinnamon rolls, going to church, lunch, a nice long nap, quality family time, church in the evening, and then spending more family time together before bed. The weather has been getting nicer and nicer and we love to spend time outside. Today, I decided to grab a couple pictures of Morgan while she was out admiring the flowers. Then, Craig took a couple this evening after church. Enjoy!

I love her BLUE eyes...and her cheesy Cheeto mouth:) They have been the snack of choice lately.

Picking flowers...AKA...weeds.

She is definitely my little poser! (Notice the small tattoo on her arm trying to make its way into the picture? Tattoos are her new favorite thing!)

Giving brother kisses and hoping he'll come out soon!

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Wendi said...

Morgan is so pretty! I love that she gives her brother kisses. :) I swear someday my boys may just have permanent cheeto face... :)