Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Been Over a Week...

I know...I'm sorry! We've been a little busy this past week; we're trying to adjust to being a family of FOUR! Here's what we've been up to:

SUNDAY: Father's Day

Craig and Morgan decided to put up our tent to play in and maybe sleep in. They did get a lot of playtime in Sunday afternoon, but by Sunday evening, the tent had to come down. We heard the sirens going off, and we decided that it would be best to take the tent down otherwise it may have been blown away by the storm!

Tuesday -

Jaron is ONE WEEK OLD! In his first week, he gained 1lb 1oz, so he weighs 8lbs 6oz! His pediatrician was impressed! He said that they usually hope that babies will be back to their birth weight by their first appointment. Jaron went above and beyond! He's a good eater!

Wednesday -

Today Craig went back to work. Thankfully, my mom was here to help with the kids and our transistion. Morgan has been having a really hard time with the adjustment which makes it really hard on me too! She just needs a lot of attention. Grandma L. has been able to give her undivided attention. Morgan loves Jaron, but seems to take out all of her frustration on me. She'll randomly come up to me crying and tell me that she wants me to go away and that she doesn't like me. It's hard to take, but I have to remember that this will pass and she'll be back to herself soon! She has also decided, after two weeks accident free, to go back to diapers. We put big girl panties on her and she just wets right away. I think she likes the attention of a diaper. I know we'll get there again, she knows how, she's just adjusting.

Thursday -

We went to the Grant County Fair! It was a lot of fun and a much needed time out and away from the house! Morgan LOVES her daddy. She has been having a lot of quality time with him.

Friday -

Aunt Ryanne, Uncle Nathan and Nana came to visit for the weekend. We had a great time visiting with them. Mom and Grandma left on Saturday afternoon. I was a bit worried to start my week without mom here anymore!

Monday -

Today was a great day! Morgan did really well. She was a big help and she did really well with it being just the three of us at home. It gave me hope that it really is possible to adjust to having two kiddos! (Not that I didn't believe all of you who told me it was possible!)

Tuesday -

Oh my - where did my sweet Morgan go?!? This morning was ROUGH! I know I have to be consistant with her and be strong but it is so hard! Jaron has been sleeping on my bed all morning because Morgan just wants me to hold her. She won't let me put her down. I needed to brush my teeth and she wouldn't even sit on the bathroom counter, she cried because I wouldn't hold her. It's so hard for me because I know I can make her happy, but I can't give in to everything that she wants. We did snuggle on the couch for most of the morning. I'm just glad that she WANTS to snuggle me again! Grandma J came by this afternoon and asked if Morgan could spend the night. Morgan was very excited so she went. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning! Another exciting thing - Morgan called us this evening and said that she went potty on the big girl potty! I think we may be turning a corner:)

Alright...I think that pretty much sums it up...I'll try to be better with updates!


Jason and Karla Aukerman said...

Awe, thanks for the updates! Sounds like Morgan is being the typical big sister....this cute little man just came and took over her world! You're right, she'll adjust eventually. I know they're just dogs, but I remember Reggie adjusting to Byson! AHAHAHHAHAHA (bad example, i know). Sounds like you're all doing well! Jaron is a cutie!

Stephen & Michelle said...

Titus still isn't really adjusted to Damaris...sigh. Stephen and I actually just talked about this earlier this morning!! We just don't spend enough alone time with Damaris because any time we start reading a book to her or playing, Titus is right there. We give him a lot of attention, but it is like he doesn't want us to give HER any. He pushes, hits, kicks, takes toys, throws toys, etc. and even if we get after him, he does it again. So, if in your adjusting you come up with great ideas, pass them our way!! Because we definitely did not think it would still be like this after a year, even if it is better than it was when she was first born!!

(PS...I still have your Mary Kay :) :) )

Wendi said...

Renee, I really get where you are at right now. It's not an easy adjustment. Some times you feel a bit torn between wanting to enjoy the new sweet bundle and wanting desperately to give your Morgan some of her 'normalcy' back. You are such a great mom and doing a wonderful job!
I'm glad you updated! I know it's a super busy time. :)
Love you guys!

Leslie said...

OH Congrats!! he is beautiful and love love love the perfect name you chose.... so lovely...

thank you also for these updates on how "real life" is going, Im so curious on how this transition will go down in our own home.

Enjoy the newness, he is lovely, cuddle him and her too.. :)

ohhhh congrats again!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Praying for the four of you - you will adjust - mama and I did - finally last week!

Amy said...

Wow! You guys had quite the week! The new baby thing with Lilla is my biggest concern. She is just such a momma's girl, it will be complicated. It'll all work out in the end though, things always do!!