Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Update in Pictures...

Morgan's friend, Jessa, came over this morning to play with Morgan. They were being silly with the ski goggles. We were all laughing really hard!
Morgan was being SUPER SILLY!
But she was having FUN!
LOVE the combinations she comes up goggles, bathing suit, backpack and high heels!
Jaron just slept through it all. You can tell when he's REALLY out, he puts his arms above his head. He likes having all this space to stretch out, unlike his time in mommy's tummy!

My mom took this when she was here last week. She caught us all snuggling watching WinnDixie. This was after one of Morgan's major meltdowns. All four of us...and Bentley.
Daddy put sand at the bottom of Morgan's slide. She loves playing in it and JUMPING in it!
Quality Daddy-Daughter time
Eating mulberries!
Our friends Sophie and Maddix came to play with Morgan. It was SO hot out, we decided to have Popsicles.


Grandma Lash said...

morgan looks like she is going sky diving in those pics minus the high heels cause the tight suit and the goggles and then the backpack looks like a chute... lol gotta love that girl!!

- eddie -

Amanda said...

LOVE the pics of morgan! sounds like you are adjusting. my heart went out to you as i read the post before this...i can so well remember some of elizabeth's major meltdowns after kate was first born...praying for your continued adjustment!

Amy said...

Looks like you guys are having one fabulous summer! I love when kids do dress up, what could be more fun?!?!

And oh, that picture your mom got, oh, just touches my heart! OK, so these days it doesn't take much to make this prego cry, but it's just soooo sugary sweet!