Monday, June 9, 2008

Splish Splash!

This morning it was HOT HOT HOT! It has been so muggy and hot the past few days! I thought that maybe, after Morgan's nap, we would go swimming at our friends from church's house. She called and said that the water was PERFECT! Sounded good to me! Well, I was anticipating Morgan to wake up around 3:30 and at 3:15 the thunder started and the dark clouds approached. I was so sad! I was really looking forward to a good swim! Well, Morgan woke up around 3:45, and she put on a bathing suit and went out to play in the rain. One of her all time FAVORITE things to do is jump in puddles. So, this may have been even better than swimming in her eyes!


She noticed that mommy was taking pictures of she went and got her camera and took pictures of Bentley "jumping" in puddles.

Notice the sucker? That's because she went inside (in the middle of puddle jumping) and went potty on the big girl potty!!! YAY!


Amy said...

Adorable pictures! Lilla loves the puddle jumping thing too. When we were in Florida she found a massive one and was covered in dirt. Boy she had fun though! Good times!

Amanda said...

looks like so much fun! i can relate...we were going to pull our backyard pool out yesterday...i was planning to do it while the girlies napped...alas...those silly storm clouds! hooray for morgan's potty training success...that is SO great! i'll tell you, one day you feel like you are working so hard at it...and then voila...its done...and life is so much easier...not having to think about diapers or accidents or...

looking forward to hearing about your little guys arrival here soon! enjoy your last weeks of being a mommy to one!