Sunday, May 6, 2012

10 DAYS and counting!!

Hey friends! Just wanted to give you an update on how you can be praying for us this week!

First of all, please pray that this stress and anxiety does not creep up on me this week.  My emotions are starting to be a bit raw with the goodbyes (see ya later's!)  My parents just left after a weekend visit and I know that this week will be full of more see ya later's. So please pray for a peace and a calm over our family. Pray also that we have FUN this week together and don't get too caught up with the "to do's" that we forget what's important.

My goal this week is to be 90% packed by Friday.  (I'll keep you posted!!) I want to be able to have the weekend and last two days to rest and leave time for any last minute things. 

Also, please pray for health.  I have a couple things I'm dealing with that I'd like to get taken care of before we leave and I know that it's probably a bit stress related, but if you could pray, that would be fantastic!

Lastly, since so many of you have asked if we have time for one last get together before we leave, we are planning an evening for our friends and family to come out and see us all at once.  This Friday, we'll be having a campfire at Craig's parent's house.  We'll plan to meet around 7:00.  We'd love to see you and if you want, bring a snack to share!! We'll cover the s'mores!  If you don't know where Craig's parents live and would like to come, please just send me an email at and I'll get you their address!

Thanks everyone!! We appreciate your support of our family!!

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