Monday, May 28, 2012

English Classes

Today  we had the chance to teach some English classes at the orphanage.  This morning, we were supposed to go to Pikmi with the team from Marion, but our plans were changed, so we headed to the orphanage.  When we arrived, some of the older girls who normally go out to secondary school were still at the orphanage.  They didn't have water to wash with, so they couldn't go to school. So we took the opportunity to teach the girls some English since they couldn't be at their school. Some of the house moms and the school secretary also joined in the mini class.  

This afternoon, we went back and did three 20 minute lessons with the kids. The kids stayed in their room and Chrissy, Ann and I rotated after 20 minutes.  We were surprised with how much the children already knew. They were eager to learn new things.  I think it was a good first attempt.  Now we know better how to prepare and teach in future classes.  

Chrissy teaching parts of the body. The kids were laughing at her drawings ;-)

Renee teaching common phrases. 

Ann (and Morgan) teaching the alphabet and phonics.

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Ronnie said...

Renee thank you for the update and the pictures. Looks like you had a busy Memorial Day. I love it that Morgan is helping with the teaching. She takes after her mommies heart. You look like a natural! Love you. God will bless you for your efforts.