Friday, May 25, 2012


This is Freneau. He is the 4th grade teacher at the orphanage and has been there for three years.  This week we have started to develop a relationship with Freneau in hopes that we can earn his friendship and trust and then start investing into him as a teacher.  We were talking with him a few days ago and he told us that it was his dream to be a teacher. He also hopes that someday he can take college classes to learn how to be a better teacher. Freneau actually speaks pretty good English in comparison to others here.  He, however does not think that he speaks well and has asked us if we would help him with his pronunciation.  So we've agreed to help him with English and he is going to help us with Creole.  Looking forward to investing in this man and also to giving him his book soon!! He will be SO excited!

I've also just recently been informed of another opportunity to teach an English class (or two or three) at the National School in Anse a Galets.  Edison, a teacher at the school and friend of Matt who we're here with through Okipe, has asked if I would come and teach his class of 100 STUDENTS! He has been teaching them English, but he wants someone who's native language is English to come and "test" them. I'm looking forward to seeing how a class of 100 students works.  More on that later!

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