Thursday, May 3, 2012

Language Learning

(taken April 2010 when we were on a walk)

Over the past three months, we've been trying to learn Creole, the language spoken in Haiti.  I'm so thankful for modern technology.  Craig and I have an app on our phone that was free because of earthquake relief!  Last night as I was practicing, I was having a really tough time. I remember just thinking, God, please help me. I can't remember anything! It was seriously instant - I felt my mind clear and I could remember things REALLY easily!  I'm not only thankful for technology, I'm thankful for a GOD who is in control and can do BIG things!  What a wonderful assurance of God's presence that was for me!!  He cares. Even about communication.  Keep praying that we'll continue to absorb as much of the language as we can before we leave in just 13 days!!

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