Monday, May 21, 2012

My Heart is Full

We arrived on La Gonove on Saturday. Things really slow down on the island on the weekends, especially Sunday, so we were able to have a couple days to settle in and rest before we hit the ground running.  God has truly provided in so many ways. The people here are wonderful.  Morgan and Jaron have fallen in love with one of the missionaries here who teaches English classes to the locals.  They have adopted her as their grandma for the summer. Mama G loves on them both as if they were her own. Everyone has been so welcoming.  The kids have had non stop playmates since we arrived.  There are a lot of families who are serving long term and the kids have been spoiled with entertainment.

Yesterday after lunch, Matt hooked up his slack line for us to try. All of the kids had a chance and then some of us adults took a try too.  It's much harder than it looks!! It's my goal to walk without any assistance by the time we leave. Usually on Sunday's they'll take the boat out to the sandbar for snorkeling, but yesterday was too windy and the waves were too choppy to go out.  The kids were great about it and didn't complain at all.  After we were done with the slack line, Craig dug out the Ladder Ball set that we brought.  Most people had never played before so it was fun teaching them the rules and watching them figure it out. I think we'll have many more games in the future!

I feel like we're all adjusting pretty well.  The heat does take a toll, but I hear that it's been in the 90's back home! The sun is just really intense. We find shade whenever possible.  (No worries mom, we're layering up in sunscreen and mosquito spray!)

Today starts the beginning of our official "work." We're a bit nervous about what the next few days will look like. It's kind of the nerves you have when you start a new job.  It's a bit overwhelming and first impressions are always important.  Please pray that Madame Solliette will connect and feel comfortable with Craig and that she will see/feel our hearts. Help us to be humble and to show love through our actions since we are not able to speak much of the language.  I have a feeling we'll be observing a lot this week, just trying to get our bearings.  The kids are excited to finally get up to the orphanage and meet all the kids.

I'll post a couple photos from our slack line experience when I have a better connection!

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